Weaving Accessories

Cordless Electric Bobbin Winders
Battery-powered for easy portability and "use-anywhere" convenience, the Milmac Cordless Electric Bobbin Winder goes wherever you go. Lightweight and convenient, it has no dangling cords to trip over or get tangled in your yarn. Available in both single-ended and double-ended versions.
Hand-cranked Bobbin Winders
For weavers who prefer the traditional appearance of natural wood, we also offer a selection of hand-cranked bobbin and pirn winders. Unlike competing products, which are designed for right-handed use only, all Milmac bobbin and pirn winders are ambidextrous, offering equal ease of operation by both right- and left-handed weavers.
Boat Shuttles - Ski Shuttles - Stick Shuttles
We offer single- and double-bobbin boat shuttles, and ski and stick shuttles in a range of sizes. Available in maple, cherry, or beech.
Loom Benches
Our loom benches feature two-way adjustable seating with an ample storage tray below. Available in maple or cherry.